Looking Ahead

The main stakeholder groups are actively engaged in planning for the future of transit at the local level and provincial levels. The provincial government is in the process of addressing recommendations made in the three recent reports on BC Transit. Local governments are working with BC Transit on developing Transit Future Plans, as well as developing or implementing their Transportation Master Plans and Official Community Plans. Together, these plans set the vision for transportation and sustainability in their communities. BC Transit is working with all partners on performance reporting, long-term budgeting and other items related to recent report recommendations and their own strategic plan vision.

It is important that decision-makers continue to consider the long-term policy questions as they make plans and decisions in the short term, keeping in mind the vision for improved environmental, economic, and social sustainability in the transportation sector.

Our Office may follow up on the progress of the various stakeholders in the future and will follow up in 2014 on the recommendations in our December 2012 summary report on the performance audit of BC Transit’s ridership.