Publications: 2023

Report cover image showing a wooden door with the Ministry of Finance placard across it

Fraud Risk and Financial Statements: B.C. Public Sector, Part 2

May 2023
Public sector organizations need a strong fraud risk management framework to safeguard public dollars against potential losses due to fraud. In B.C., government ministries are expected to follow a common approach to fraud detection, prevention and response, with oversight by the Office of the Comptroller General. We sent a questionnaire to 22 ministries to understand how they perceive and manage the risk of fraud.
Report cover image showing a woman who is blind speaking with a sighted woman

Governance of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for the Public Service

March 2023
The Public Service Agency (PSA) supports human resources for 35,000 provincial government workers and is currently leading a strategy to ensure the public service is inclusive and diverse. We looked at whether the PSA had established strong governance to ensure that the strategy can achieve its goals.
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Fraud Risk and Financial Statements: B.C. Public Sector, Part 1

March 2023
We sent a questionnaire to 23 Crown organizations, post-secondary institutions, school districts, health authorities and associations, to understand how they perceive and manage the risk of fraud. This information will help our auditors plan our annual audit of the Province’s summary financial statements — the largest financial statement audit in B.C.  
Report cover page showing title and several bottles of COVID-19 vaccine

B.C.'s COVID-19 Response: Monitoring Vaccination Coverage

February 2023
This audit looked at the Ministry of Health’s monitoring of COVID-19 vaccination coverage, which helped guide the vaccine campaign rollout and inform decisions on public health measures, such as mask mandates and limits on gatherings.
Report cover showing a correctional centre with totem poles outside on the grounds

Mental Health and Substance Use Services for Indigenous People in B.C. Correctional Centres

February 2023
While Indigenous men and women make up only six per cent of the provincial population, they make up about 33 per cent of people in custody. About 90 per cent of Indigenous people in the correctional system have a mental health and/or substance use diagnosis. The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is responsible for providing health care in B.C. correctional centres, including mental health and substance use services.  Our audit found that the PHSA provided inconsistent access to mental health and substance use services to Indigenous men and women in B.C. correctional centres. We made four recommendations for improvement.

Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan for financial statement fiscal years ending in 2024, 2025, and 2026

February 2023
The Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan outlines how the Office of the Auditor General determines which government reporting entities’ financial statements will be audited by the office directly and which entities will be audited by private accounting firms. As required by the Auditor General Act, the coverage plan includes the next three fiscal years and is prepared for the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts for their review and approval.