Publications: 2022

An Independent Audit of the Regional Transportation Management Centre's Cybersecurity Controls

October 2017
The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Regional Transportation Management Centre (RTMC) manages traffic flow at major bridges and roadways throughout the province. This audit looked to see if the RTMC had foundational cybersecurity controls in place. It didn’t assess the effectiveness of these controls.

An Independent Audit of Grizzly Bear Management

October 2017
This audit focused on the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and their roles in meeting government's objective of ensuring healthy grizzly bear populations throughout B.C. It also looked at government's planning, activities and reporting as to the effectiveness of grizzly bear management.

Understanding Our Audit Opinion on B.C.'s 2016/17 Summary Financial Statements

September 2017
Under section 11 (1) of the Auditor General Act, we complete an annual audit of the B.C. government's Summary Financial Statements. At the end of this process, we issue an audit opinion that is published with the financial statements in government's Public Accounts. The opinion says whether or not the financial statements present government's financial position and results for the year fairly, and in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles.

An Audit of the Contract for the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program

August 2017
This audit looked at whether the Ministry of Justice has procured and managed the contract for the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program in accordance with government policy to achieve the best value for money.

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016/17

July 2017
The annual report on our performance and financial position with accompanying financial statements.

Service Plan 2017/18 - 2019/20

April 2017
This Service Plan covers the 2017/18 fiscal year, and includes targets through to 2019/20. It provides strategic direction for the Office, and outlines its goals for the coming year and the indicators that will be used to evaluate progress. The performance audit and financial statement audit coverage plans identify the projects that the Office plans to start over the next three years.

Budget Process Examination Phase 2: Forecasting for Operating Expense, Capital Spending and Debt

April 2017
This report provides independent assurance on the operating expenses, capital spending and debt forecasts in the 2015/16 - 2017/18 Budget and Fiscal Plan. This is the second phase of our examination of government's budgeting processes - we published Budget Process Examination (Phase 1): Revenue in June 2015.