Report on the Preparedness of the Government of British Columbia in Dealing with the Year 2000 Problem

October 1999
Our fourth in a series of public reports on the government’s progress in dealing with the Year 2000 issue.

Social Housing: The Governance of the British Columbia Housing Management Commission and the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation; The Management of Social Housing Subsidies

September 1999
The results of two audits examining key aspects of the provincial government's social housing programs.

Managing the Woodlot Licence Program

August 1999
The Ministry of Forests was managing parts of the woodlot licence program well, but needed to make improvements.

Report on Government Financial Accountability for the 1997/98 Fiscal Year - Part 2

June 1999
Part two of an annual report to inform legislators and the public about the Auditor General's opinion on government's Summary Financial Statements.