Laura Hatt

Laura Hatt is an executive director of performance audit currently working in the professional practices group. She is responsible for developing and maintaining performance audit methodology, and contributing to technical training to ensure our audit work is of high quality and meets new Certified Professional Accountant standards.

Laura has over 15 years of experience completing both performance and internal audits throughout the B.C. government and has led many large audits in the health and social services sectors. In her role as executive director, Laura has been a key contributor and lead in the planning, delivery and evaluation of office-wide initiatives including introducing a new audit follow-up process in 2015.

In addition to the work at our office, she has worked as an internal auditor for the Office of the Comptroller General of British Columbia and held management, policy, and research positions within the health and social services sectors.

Laura has a bachelor of arts degree in political science and a masters degree in public administration from the University of Victoria.