After the Audit

Report reviewing by the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts

All of the OAG's reports are referred to the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts by the Legislative Assembly. The committee may decide to review any report as part of their proceedings. When PAC chooses to review a report, they:

  • invite the Auditor General to present the report;
  • contact the Office of the Comptroller-General to coordinate attendance by the audited organization; and
  • submit their own report to the Speaker, including which of the OAG's recommendations they endorse.

We track the percentage of audit recommendations endorsed by the committee as one of our key performance indicators in our annual report.

Visit the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts webpage for more information, including transcripts of the committee discussions regarding the Auditor General's reports.


While it’s not part of the formal audit process, a short survey is sent directly to staff and senior management at the audited organization to provide feedback to the audit team on their performance.