Who audits the auditor?

Per section 23 of the Auditor General Act, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services appoints an independent, external auditor (currently BDO) to audit the office's financial statements annually. The auditor's opinion must be included in the office's annual report.

To promote the highest levels of transparency and accountability, the office has taken the additional step of having our Annual Report and Service Plan audited by the independent external auditor. This audit consists of assessing whether the report meets the requirements of the BC Reporting Principles:

Principle 1 – Explain the Public Purpose Served
Principle 2 – Link Goals and Results
Principle 3 – Focus on the Few, Critical Aspects of Performance
Principle 4 – Relate Results to Risk and Capacity
Principle 5 – Link Resources, Strategies and Results
Principle 6 – Provide Comparative Information
Principle 7 – Present Credible Information, Fairly Interpreted
Principle 8 – Disclose the Basis for Key Reporting Judgements