Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts

The Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Public Accounts Committee, or PAC) is a committee of the Legislative Assembly.

PAC members

Members of the Legislative Assembly — except for the Premier and other cabinet ministers — belong to various Parliamentary Committees, including PAC. Committees have 10-12 members, and the membership mirrors (as closely as possible) party representation in the Legislative Assembly. The PAC Chair is a member of the opposition, and the Deputy Chair is a member of government.

What PAC does

PAC helps the Legislative Assembly scrutinize the executive branch and hold government accountable for its spending of public funds and stewardship over public assets. Examples include:

  • examining the Auditor General's reports, which is the bulk of the committee's work
  • a review of B.C.'s public accounts

PAC and the Office of the Auditor General

When PAC decides to review any report from the Auditor General, it will:

  • invite the Auditor General to present the report
  • contact the Office of the Comptroller General to coordinate attendance by the audited organization
  • submit its own report to the Speaker annually, including which of the OAG's recommendations the Committee endorses

Visit the Parliamentary Committee’s website for more information including upcoming meeting notices and transcripts of PAC's discussions regarding the Auditor General's reports as well as PAC’s report to the Legislature on its deliberations.